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The many benefits of St. John's wort

Used for centuries in Europe as a herbal tonic
Increments a positive mood *
Promotes a healthy emotional balance *
Relieves tension, to help you relax **

For centuries, Europeans have turned to the botanist known as St. John’s wort when needs a herbal tonic. The plant flowers right around the time of St. John’s day (24 June), which is where St John’s wort takes its name. Although St. John’s wort is native to Europe, can also be found growing wildly in Canada and in the United States (especially California and Southern Oregon) in the dry soil of meadows and Woods.

In recent years, St. John’s Wort-and its use as a Repeater of positive mood has grown in popularity as a food supplement.* * plant flavonoids, hyperforin and hypericin, have been studied for their ability to promote mental well-being and a peaceful mood.* * St. John’s wort is perfect for anyone experiencing occasional anxiety and everyday stress.* *

Among the many benefits of St. John’s Wort is that helps those who reach the supplement with it emotional balance.* * St. John’s Wort has received widespread praise to gently soothe away tension, promoting a sense of well-being and contentment.* and that it would not be in the mood for a bit of that?

For more information about the benefits of St. John of grass click here.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Angelica Vrablic has conducted numerous clinical studies on supplements for weight loss, cardiovascular health and welfare joint. A frequent guest on national radio and TV health shows, appeared on programs hosted by Deborah Ray, Frankie Boyer and Dr. Bob Martin, as well as holistic Healthline and hearts Show. Dr. Vrablic has worked with several leading companies of natural health nutritional research, including Puritan’s pride, vitamin world, Home health and SISU.

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